Get more done with our remote BIM Engineers BIM Modelers 2D/3D Modelers

Improve the effectiveness of BIM modeling and 2D/3D drawing processes by working with a flexible, well-trained, and meticulous team.

Flexible, reliable, and always available
technical support for your projects

Our highly skilled and talented team of 2D/3D draftsmen and BIM modelers from the Serbian office provides technical support to construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate companies.

They are ready to take over bulk work for you all year round, so your company can cover more projects while maintaining the same quality and the best service for your clients.

A highly skilled, English-speaking remote team of 2D/3D draftsmen and BIM modelers

Dutch project management that can be on-site in the Netherlands within a few hours when needed

Extreme flexibility as our team is always available for you within the week

Hands-on experience working with Revit, ArchiCAD, and SketchUp

Leverage Scan-to-BIM Technology

Scan-to-BIM technology enables our team to get accurate information about the building without the need for a physical visit to the site. We use the NavVis 3D laser scanner to generate a high-density point cloud of physical buildings, structures, or sites, allowing us to create accurate as-built models and capture designs in real-world conditions.

This not only grants real-time access to building information, accuracy, and speed but also improves communication between project teams.

Our services

Drawings of existing buildings

BeeBIM allows you to outsource teams to create drawings of existing buildings to get a real picture of the current state of the building you are working on.

BIM modeling of existing buildings

If you have a complete floor plan of a building but don’t have a digital architectural drawing, our dedicated team of BIM modelers and 2D/3D drafters can help you digitize your current documents into 3D models.

Floor plans for energy labels and escape routes

BeeBIM helps companies meet the requirements by making a BIM model with all necessary information regarding the energy label of the building. Our 3D model and floorplans are high quality, as they are based on a 3D scan.

Measurement reports - NEN 2580 Reports

Accurate and precise measurements of the apartment are essential for both landlords and tenants. If you have a detailed report you can reach a clear agreement and avoid any disputes in the future.

Digitizing catalogs

If you offer building products, it is of great added value to offer your catalog digitally in the form of a CAD model. BeeBIM can help you create a digital catalog that presents design simulations of real products in 2D or 3D.


If you already have all the drawings and plans, our experienced 3D artists can create a beautiful visualization of the project. The model that can be easily rotated and viewed from any angle to get a clear visualization of the design.

BeeBIM offers full-time remote BIM engineers who can support your complex projects throughout the year. We act as an extended part of your team, providing real-time communication, regular meetings, and Dutch representatives on-site in the Netherlands when needed.

What Our Clients Say

BeeBIM’s support for complex BIM projects helps us grow. It is what makes this a great partnership!



BeeBIM is an indispensable aid when it comes to modeling existing buildings.


XS Architecthen

Technologies we use





Hybrid working process


Tell us what you need

The first thing we do is get to know you and your specific needs for your project. In a kick-off meeting, our engineers ask you about the ins and outs of your project and we explore how we can help you best.

Identifying Project Scope

With all the necessary information on hand, we will define the scope of the project. What steps we are taking, what you can expect from us, what we need from you, and what the timeline looks like.



Sharing Project information

To help us kickstart the project, you can send us all the documentation you have so far. Original floor plans, designs, and structures. Whatever materials you choose to provide, we will incorporate into the project with a collaborative, comprehensive approach.

Project Development

This is where we really start to bring everything together and kick things into gear! Whether that is architectural or product design, 2D or 3D modeling, or any of our other architectural or mechanical engineering services. We work in various phases which all include real-time communication and quality checks.



Real-time communication

Depending on the project and your preferences, we keep in touch regularly. Whether that be to give you updates, discuss the progress, or ask for feedback. It will feel like we are right there by your side every step of the way, even though we are working remote. When needed, we can be on-site in The Netherlands within a few hours.

Quality Checking and Delivery

Only the best is good enough for our clients. That is why we do regular quality checks with the delivery of each phase of the project. We take our work seriously and refuse to settle for anything substandard.


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