Exploring the Architect’s Approach to Digitizing Building Product Catalogs

Digitizing Building Product Catalogs

Author: Aleksandar Stanisavljevic, senior architect My team and I specialize in digitizing building product catalogs for clients in the real estate industry. Our aim is to provide rendered images that accurately convey the style, layout, and scale of properties for renovation or sale projects. To achieve this, we rely on tools such as  3ds Max […]

Scan to BIM Workflow: From Point Cloud to 3D Model

Scan to BIM

Author: Sanja Madžovska, Senior architect  In a profession such as architecture, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Scan to BIM has significantly enhanced my capabilities. This technology allows me to digitally visualize a building and the seamless collaboration with other teams and stakeholders involved in the project. Whether I’m working on renovations, expansions, or entirely […]

Architect’s Insight: Understanding NEN 2580

NEN 2580

As an architect deeply rooted in the Dutch market since the beginning of my career, I have developed a profound understanding of the NEN 2580 standard – a crucial legal standard for measuring buildings and structures in the Netherlands. This standard is not just a guideline – it’s an indispensable tool ensuring consistency, accuracy, and […]

Integrating architecture and furniture modeling

architecture and furniture modeling

Author: Sara Krnjajic, Architect and furniture designer From the moment I set out on the path to becoming an architect, my vision extended beyond mere walls and lifeless structures. Building was never enough for me. I found myself thinking about the perfect pieces that could breathe life into those spaces; the furniture that could complete […]

Turning old drawings into digital illustrations through Revit

Author: Jovana Milovic, Senior architect  We, architects, have always held a deep fascination for aged and dilapidated buildings that were once shining examples of cutting-edge architectural design. Working on such buildings, especially if they are located in a historic neighbourhood indeed sounds like a dream job for any architect.  And for a seasoned one, it […]