Improve your team’s effectiveness while maintaining the quality of work

BeeBIM is a company composed of highly skilled remote BIM modelers and 2D/3D drafting technicians ready to take on bulk work so your company can cover more projects while maintaining quality for your clients.

BIM modelers and 2D/3D draftsmen ready to do bulk work for you in different fields

Drawings of existing buildings

BeeBIM allows you to outsource teams to create drawings of existing buildings to get a real picture of the current state of the building you’re working on.

Digitizing existing drawings

If you have a complete floor plan of a building but don’t have a digital architectural drawing of it, our dedicated team of BIM modelers and 2D/3D drafters can help you digitize your current documents into 3D models.

Floor plans for energy labels and escape routes

BeeBIM helps companies meet the requirements and avoid fines or even closure of the building by making a BIM model with all necessary information regarding the energy label of the building. Our 3D model and floorplans are precise and high quality, as they are based on a 3D scan.

Measurement (NEN 2580) Reports

Accurate and precise measurements of the apartment are essential for both landlords and tenants. If you have a detailed report that not only gives the square footage but also what the space contains, you can reach a clear agreement and avoid any disputes in the future.


If you already have all the drawings and plans, a beautiful 3D visualization of the project can only be the icing on the cake. Our experienced drafters use 3D volumes or 2D lines to create a model that can be easily rotated and viewed from any angle to get a clear visualization of the design.

Digitizing catalogs

If you offer building products, it’s of great added value to offer your catalog digitally in the form of a CAD model. BeeBIM can help you create a digital catalog that presents design simulations of real products in 2D or 3D.

BeeBIM’s experienced architects provide assistance and guidance in the effective management and execution of your architectural project. Use our experience, knowledge, skills, and tools to make your project successful.

Technologies We Use

Every member of the BeeBIM team is passionate about what they do, well-trained, and experienced in various construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate projects.

If you want to impress your clients with your work, we are here to support you. By partnering with BeeBIM, you get:

Let your projects be recognized for the quality of the work delivered.